Virtual Reception

Virtual Reception

How Does Virtual Reception Work? – Virtual Reception takes the stress out of starting private practice. Benefit from a professional, experienced service without the high cost of wages!

Complimentary Consultation


We handle everything related to bookings:

  • We take care of all of your patient calls. Our virtual reception is open 9-5pm, 5 days a week.
  • Our service is personalised for you – we answer calls as your team!
  • We make appointments directly into the software of your choice – We are proficient across all popular platforms.
  • Appointments are strategically booked to maximise time efficiency for the doctor (eg: we avoid scheduling gaps and will aim to fill gaps).
  • All appointments are confirmed – essential for compliance and cash flow!
  • Confirmed 2 days prior, via sms.
  • Final consulting lists are faxed or emailed to you – you simply walk in and start seeing patients.
  • Follow up appointments can be made at doctor’s discretion.
  • Any patients who don’t arrive for their appointment are followed up twice (as per below). The care of patients is handed back to the referring doctor to satisfy legal requirements.
  • 1. Letter is sent – same day. 2. If no reply, follow up letter sent – 2 weeks later. 3. Letter goes to referring doctor.
  • Queries from patients are answered in a timely and efficient manner, with messages forwarded to you via email. When a referrer calls, we attend to them as your personal staff.


We have your billing sorted:
We invoice and collect payments from patients.

  • We process all receipts into your nominated system.
  • We submit the Medicare on-line rebate for the patient, issue them with the benefit statement or invoice receipt for their consultation.


Operation Bookings
  • We co-ordinate all aspects of operation bookings – hospital theatre bookings, anaesthetist and assistant allocations, elective admission forms, public admission forms and any other associated paperwork
  • We liaise with patients on your behalf regarding pre-operative preparation and complete health fund checking
Operation Billing
  • We use ECLIPSE on line billing for health funds, ensuring that all fee schedules (including Medicare) are up to date
  • We can bill patients any Out Of Pocket expenses for the procedure and issue an informed financial consent
  • We can assist all specialists with registration with all private health funds
  • We lodge all operation billings on line via ECLIPSE and report all ECLIPSE payments received into the bank account of your choice
  • We go through any eclipse rejections correcting and resubmitting claims as requested by Medicare within 5 days of notification of the rejection.
Transcription Services
  • We can set up document templates for your transcriptions (eg: initial consultation correspondence, review consultation correspondence, operation report correspondence)
  • Transcribe all consulting / operating notes received via batching in Zedmed or by logging in remotely to your preferred medical software within 24 – 48 hours of receipt of voice file
  • We advise / submit the batch / correspondence for your review and correction and distribute the correspondence the same day that the transcription has been approved.

What are the benefits of Virtual Reception and/or administration?

  • Affordable – No expensive wages starting out
  • We know what we are doing! – No start up stress
  • We present your practice as professional and well established-Referrers are confident to refer
  • No long term contracts – You remain in control and may progress to your own staff when ready
  • When ready we can recruit for you – We manage the process and all compliance requirements
  • Rooms with Style is a one stop shop – We can provide everything else you need in your private practice too
  • Back up is provided – Rest easy knowing your medical data is secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • May I have my own dedicated phone line that is answered in my company name or do I simply fall under your company umbrella?
    You can absolutely have your own phone number and line that is answered as per your instructions. For example: “good morning, Dr. Smith’s rooms, Jane speaking….” or “good morning, Smith ent and audiology, Jane speaking…”.
  • What about after hours calls?
    Our phone system allows patients and specialists to leave a detailed message that can be returned first thing on the next business day. We can also set up a pager service should you wish to be contacted after hours.
  • Do you use my preferred software on my IT system or am I required to use yours?
    This can be done a couple of ways. The software we use here is Zedmed and we can happily make appointments and record all patient details that we send through to you. Alternatively, we are also proficient in other medical software packages (Genie is one of them!) and have the capabilities of remotely logging into your system and keeping it up to date. This allows you to view your schedule ‘live’ at any time and the remote log in is secure.
  • What about IT security and back ups?
    We have a Cloud based professional server with advanced monitoring, scheduled preventative maintenance, managed antivirus software patching and regular reporting. The server itself has 500GB of ultra fast storage on which upgrades/downgrades can be made at any stage. We also have advanced file back up storage with ten years’ retention, secured by using bank grade security (aeS256 bit encryption) to protect the privacy of all sensitive information. Obviously, should you choose the remote log in option then back up and security of data is your responsibility. On site, we use thin client terminals with scanners and printers.
  • Can I use your system and server?
    Absolutely. You will need to purchase a dedicated Zedmed licence (we can organise this for you) and you can log in remotely to our secure system. Your information will be backed up for you as well.
  • Can you help with the Medicare and ECLIPSE paperwork (such as registering for gap payments with health funds etc)?
    Yes, we can assist in this area, lodge the paper work and liaise on your behalf.
  • What happens if an ECLIPSE invoice gets rejected?
    We will liaise with Medicare and / or the private health fund to sort out the issue and resubmit the claim. We charge on a receipt basis – so we don’t get paid until you do.
  • Will I be required to have another provider number?
    No – the provider number you use at your own location can be used by your billing company.
  • What about a site certificate?
    As with a provider number, the site certificate is required for each location you consult at. You will also be allocated a minor iD by your software vendor, should you choose to use your own software.
  • What if I bulk bill?
    We can lodge your bulk billing batches on line for you, and as with ECLIPSE billing, we can resolve Medicare rejection issues and resubmit the claim.
  • How will I get paid the patient funds?
    Any payments collected by you will be fully reconciled to your consulting list and one sum transferred via EFT into your nominated account on the following business day. Alternatively, you can collect payments using your own EFT terminal.
  • What about ECLIPSE payments?
    All funds paid via ECLIPSE will be deposited directly into your nominated account. The payment advice will come through to us (if you choose this method) and we will advise you of what has been paid, the amount and by which private health fund.
  • Do you need any paperwork from me?
    Yes – We need a copy of your Certificate of Currency for medical indemnity and a copy of your current AHPRA registration. This will need to be resubmitted each year that you use our services.
  • Do you offer any other services?
    We offer transcription services for your correspondence, as well as bookkeeping services and bank reconciliations. We can also provide reports on billing, receipting, debtors, creditors, gst and payroll if you require. Other clinical reporting services include recalls, referral doctor statistics, DNA letters and many others.