Terms & Conditions

Last updated: 7th January 2021

Specific Terms – VPM

Services Offered

VPM clients may benefit from the following services subject to available hours.  Duties may include any or all of the following, subject to the changing needs of the practice: Medical Marketing, Graphic Design, HR Management, Recruitment, Practice Management, Practice Financials (Bookkeeping is only offered for packages that are 20+ hours per month), Copywriting, Medical Podcasts, Website Additions- WordPress sites only, Tenancy, Set up of Temporary Telephone Diversion (TTD). Services not included: Website construction, Videography, ongoing TTD, Virtual Reception, and Photography.

Altering allotment of hours (package of hours)

During the first three (3) months of the VPM service, the client is able to increase the allotment of hours, should this be required.  However, the client is not permitted to decrease the allotment of hours within the first three (3) months of the VPM service start date.

VPM 20-hour package clients may be moved to a VPM 10-hour package at the discretion of RWS management after the first three (3) months of service.  This may occur if the VPM 20-time allocation is not reached in consecutive months.

After the first three (3) months of the VPM service has been completed, the client may increase or decrease their VPM allotment of hours per month, with one (1) months’ notice. The opportunity to increase hours is subject to availability as determined by RWS.


Pricing is discussed before clients begin the VPM service. Pricing is also discussed post initial Client Action Strategies (CAS) meeting with new clients. This is to ensure that fees have been fully disclosed to our clients and they are all very clear that this has occurred. Pricing for items is task weighted and not all time-driven. Some tasks are at 1:1, and others are at 1.3-1.5:1.

Examples include Mentoring 1.5 units, Recruitment 1:1, Calls 0.25 units (flat-rate), Mailouts 1.5 units.

When more than one RWS employee is to attend a meeting: The first RWS employee in attendance – full time charged, second RWS staff in attendance – ½ of the time is charged, third RWS staff in attendance – no charge

The rate applied will depend on the VPM package you are on. See RWS team for further inquiries.


Upon acceptance of the Scope of Works from RWS, you will be issued with an invoice for your first monthly payment.  Work will commence on receipt of the first payment. RWS invoices monthly in advance.

Where VPM hours exceed (within a 30% range) of those hours agreed to in this scope, RWS will discuss the options to either increase the hourly package, invoice for hours utilised or in some cases, the opportunity to roll over the hours into the following month.

Where client hours greatly exceed those hours agreed to in this scope, pushing them into the next hourly package, they will be charged at the rate of the higher package.

Where VPM hours fall below (within a 30% range) of those hours agreed to in this scope, RWS will discuss the options to either decrease the hourly package, invoice in full for the month or in some cases, the opportunity to roll over the hours into the following month.

In the situation where the client is not responding to emails and work is not able to progress, a minimum administration charge applies on all VPM packages of two (2) hours per month.  This charge allows clients to keep their VPM account open and caters for administration in following up clients.

Client hours are tracked and a summary of work is included on your monthly invoice. A detailed summary of work completed is available for clients to review upon request.

As per the schedule in your scope, as your package of hours change the rate applicable will also change. Please see your scope for package information.

VPM clients will be charged at a rate for tasks depending on the level of complexity involved.  Please contact our office for further clarification if required.

VPM account holders are charged a minimum of $450.00 (plus GST) per month this allows for RWS to secure your allocation.

RWS reviews prices annually and reserves the right to increase prices at this time.  Price increases will be indicated to relevant clients.

RWS management may offer to place a VPM ‘on hold’ at the request of a client.  RWS reserves the right to (1) accept or decline this request (2) decide the terms of the ‘on hold’ period.  nb: these terms must be agreed to by the client before commencement on an ‘on hold’ arrangement.

A late fee of 5% of the full amount will apply for invoices not paid within 30 days.

Minimum term and ending of contract

The minimum term for Virtual Practice Management is 90 days.

A notice period of 30 days, in writing, is required to terminate this contract.  RWS reserves the right to terminate this agreement without notice. Upon cancellation, RWS will return all graphic design materials created during the term of the agreement.  Medical databases remain the property of RWS.  Should a list be requested, it will only include the names of the practices contacted (not the individual doctors or Allied Health practitioners) and may be subject to an additional fee to be determined by RWS.  Any diaries used to book appointments will be made available to clients for reference to the date of the last appointment booked by RWS.  For Fit Out projects, payment will be finalised on a pro-rata basis determined by the stage the project is at. Where a client has engaged a service that includes Interior Design, the initial 50% payment is non-refundable.


If the client cancels the VPM service within 3 months of commencement, the client will be liable for a cancellation fee.

The cancellation fee will be calculated as: (3 x agreed VPM monthly fee minus VPM fees paid to date) x 50%.

Other charges that may apply to VPM clients

The cost of a job advertisement (such as SEEK) will be fully payable by the client.  Other additional costs may include printing, postage, catering or the engagement of a third party consultant.  Website creation and Virtual Reception are in addition to VPM hours. RWS will add these charges separately to your invoice.

Commencement of work

RWS will commence work once the first invoice is paid in full.

Contract Policy

RWS does not provide editable contracts to clients. This is for several reasons:

  1. Legal contracts provided by RWS have been drawn up by legal professionals, any changes/edits can make this contract invalid.
  2. Any changes to contracts under the “RWS Banner” may make RWS liable.
  3. We want to ensure you are protected as our client. Small changes to contracts can have huge impacts on you legally and financially.

Clients can add addendum’s to the contract (that are separate) if you feel this is appropriate. But again, we caution for this to be handled by an appropriate professional.


General Terms

The General Terms listed below are supplied to all potential RWS clients.  Please note, not all items will be applicable to the service quoted in the Scope of Works.

Advisory Service

Our services are advisory. You bear total responsibility for the use and implementation of these services in your business. In the event of services provided by us being inadequate or defective, we will take reasonable steps to achieve an acceptable standard by provision of fresh services but will not be liable for losses suffered.

Appointment Times

Where required your consultant will work with you to schedule onsite appointments.  This could be for employment interviews, training or practice audits.  Either party may renegotiate appointment schedules at any time via verbal or written correspondence.  Same day cancellations or no shows may incur a minimum one hour time charge.

Client Obligations

The client agrees to have the appropriate insurance; current and in place.

The client agrees to communicate in a timely manner and all major direction needs to be given via email so that it is in writing.

The client agrees to pay all invoices by the due date.


All notices and consents required or permitted to be given under this Agreement shall be in writing (may be email). The consultant agrees to communicate regularly and thoroughly with the client. The client agrees to respond promptly to all correspondence.


Documents provided by RWS are confidential and cannot be used, disclosed or duplicated except within your own business. Both parties will act in accordance to privacy law (Commonwealth Privacy Act (1998) & Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act (2000) and Victorian Health Records Act (2001).


RWS provides service for your practice both onsite and offsite. RWS will appoint suitable consultants(s) to action your priorities.  Consultant(s) may change from time to time.  Fees are charged for services provided both on and offsite and includes travel time.

If metered parking is only available to the RWS consultant, any parking costs incurred during their time at your practice will be added to your next monthly invoice.


Copy can usually be written in a 1-2 week turnaround, subject to the amount of copy required.

RWS are not medically qualified and as such our clients are fully responsible for checking and approving the accuracy of text prior to going live online or to print. RWS advises clients to contact AHPRA to approve text prior to going live online or to print if the client has any uncertainty surrounding any text written. This is the responsibility of the client.

RWS takes no responsibility for the medical accuracy of copy; this includes spelling, prepared on the client’s behalf.  The copy is always issued to the client prior to uploading it to a website or printing for their final sign off.

Where copy is prepared for an online presence, RWS cannot guarantee the correct translation of medical terminology if Google Translate is applied to the text. We advise our clients to check all medical text for accuracy.

Interior Design


Prior to or during your renovation RWS may advise that a <planning/building/signage> permit be obtained or at the very least the appropriate governing bodies be contacted to ascertain whether such permits are required. RWS will provide an educated opinion as to whether a permit for building, planning and signage is required however the responsibility for obtaining permits is the Client’s responsibility.

Disbursement Fee

RWS charges a flat rate disbursement fee of $30.00. This fee covers the cost of postage, telephone calls, photocopying, incidental printing and product/fabric samples (when required). The flat rate disbursement fee will appear on the final invoice from RWS.


In the event that RWS is providing photographic services for the Client, RWS reserves the right to use photographs for their own marketing material.


During your renovation should you choose a product that is not of commercial-grade you will be advised by RWS, however, the Client accepts responsibility for the implementation of this product.

Colour Matching

With regard to wallpaper, please note that if extra wallpaper is ordered at a later date from the original order, this is usually a different batch number from the original wallpaper. This will be a different dye run and may be different in colour; RWS will take no responsibility for the wallpapers not matching perfectly.
Colour differences, however slight, may also be apparent with additional orders of other products – included but not limited to: vinyl, carpet, tiles, paint, and joinery.

Mentoring and Coaching:

Mentoring clients are expected to keep appointments made – cancellations must be advised with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice or the client may be charged at the discretion of the RWS director.
Confidentiality will be adhered to for all conversations and sessions held.
Cases of abuse will be reported as required by law.
Clients may be referred to other professionals if deemed appropriate by RWS staff.
Clients may terminate mentoring at any point.
RWS reserves the right to refuse mentoring to any client whom RWS deems to be unsuitable or poses a threat.
If clients have cultural issues/requirements that may be compromised by our mentoring program it is the responsibility of the client to inform us.

Podcast/Video/Social Media

The clinical advice and information contained within a podcast/video/social media post/newsletter is the client’s responsibility. RWS cannot be held liable or accountable in any way for the content.

All videos and podcasts made belong to the client.  RWS reserves the right to showcase these items for advertising purposes. RWS reserves the right to remove any podcast from www.podmd.com.au at any time.

Printed Artwork

It is the client’s responsibility to check that the artwork is correct (this includes, design and copy).  Prior to printing, RWS will send the client a proof and allocated job number.  The client must accept the proof in writing.  This approval grants RWS permission to proceed with printing.  Quantity and stock to be advised by the client.

Upon approving the proof for printing, RWS will not accept any claim for errors.  Colours on electronic proofs are only a guide to ­final colour.  If the client requires a printed colour sample can be provided by the printer.  Additional charges may apply.


RWS makes every effort to secure staff best suited to your practice and reaches a broad section of the market by advertising your position(s) on the following websites:

  • SEEK (Market rate charged)
  • Indeed (FOC)

On request, Australian Association of Practice Management (additional costs apply).

RWS does not guarantee the calibre of candidates who respond to your advertisement. We will review all applications and only put forward those we believe could work well within your practice based on their skill set.  The client has final say on who they choose as the successful candidate.

For candidates engaging VPM for the purpose of recruitment only, an allotment of 45 hours must be purchased and will be payable as three x monthly VPM payments.  If the candidate is successfully engaged prior to three months the remaining balance will be fully payable by the client at that time. Should additional hours be required, the RWS consultant will contact the client to discuss. Should hours be remaining once the successful candidate is secured, the client will be contacted to determine additional tasks that may be completed.

Where engaging VPM for recruitment only, RWS exercise every possible care to secure ideal candidates.  As RWS is reliant on the employment market, the specifics set by the client and the client’s personal partialities there is no guarantee that a suitable candidate will be found.  Where the three month period is completed and a suitable candidate not agreed upon, RWS will discuss the opportunity to extend for a further period or re-advertise; additional cost will apply.

Referrer Marketing


When making our client’s appointments to see referrers, RWS exercise care,  RWS is not responsible for clinics who forget, change or cancel appointments and RWS is not liable for the cost of any expenses incurred by the client as a result.

At an appointment that has been booked by RWS, the client is completely responsible for the success of the appointment.  RWS cannot guarantee the number of referrers who will attend or whether or not they will decide to refer to the visiting specialist.

The client is responsible for supplying RWS with numerous timeslots for referrer visits; at times that suit referrer clinics.  Offering RWS limited timeslots will reduce your opportunity to see the referrers and greatly reduced the chances of referrers being able to see you.

Fixed charges apply for calls made to practices on behalf of the client.  To ensure consistency – 15 minutes per call.  Business listings also incur fixed pricing to ensure consistency for all clients.  All fixed pricing is available for viewing by our clients on request.


When undertaking referrer marketing, RWS uses a database of doctors or Allied Health practitioners to contact on the client’s behalf.  This database remains the property of RWS and will not be provided to the client for their personal use.

When creating specialist or allied health databases, RWS will charge time to the client for the creation of such databases.

All referrer marketing clients are apportioned a “database maintenance” fee per month.  In the event that the client requires marketing to an extensive quantity of locations (that exceeds the typical requirements) the client may be charged an additional “data maintenance” fee to cater to this.

All RWS clients may be asked to supply lists of current referrer data. This allows us to measure the performance or effectiveness of marketing activities.  Data can be provided as an Excel spreadsheet file or alternatively by providing RWS access to your practice system.  The client agrees to supply data where requested.

RWS utilise pre-prepared databases that cover the metro area in each state. The use of these databases for referrer marketing is charged based on volume. Clients requiring outer metro suburbs may be charged a higher rate to procure relevant listings.


When undertaking a mail out, RWS prints and provides all stationery required for the mail out and invoices the client appropriately.  Where specific collateral, e.g. brochures, have already been supplied to the client by a third party, the client may provide these for inclusion in the mail out to RWS.

RWS Newsletter

Email addresses resulting from enquiries to RWS will automatically be added to our newsletter database – this entitles the recipient to receive relevant, practice management updates. If you do not wish to receive the RWS newsletter, you may choose to opt-out of the first edition received.

RWS Obligations

RWS will provide services in a proper and professional manner and exercise appropriate care, skill and due diligence.

RWS will act in compliance with the reasonable direction of a client.

RWS agrees to have appropriate insurances current and in place.

The Agreement

This agreement is the entire agreement between RWS and the client; all prior agreements, promises or representations being merged herein. This agreement shall be governed by, construed, and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Victoria. This agreement is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

Third-Party Suppliers and Services

In the instance that RWS engages a third party supplier, the client will be advised of the additional cost of the service prior to its implementation/engagement.

If a third party consultant or service is approved by the client, these charges are fully payable by the client.  In most cases, RWS will add these charges to the client’s monthly invoice.  In some instances (e.g. Land Surveyors, signage, and Traffic Consultants) will be invoiced directly from the third-party supplier.

When required, RWS will engage the services of Industrial Relations and Employment Law experts to assist in the resolution of HR concerns at your practice.  This only relates to highly complicated concerns that cannot be reasonably resolved without additional legal support.  This advice is charged at a higher rate, to be discussed at the time of engagement.

The Client acknowledges that RWS is not responsible for the performance, conduct or advice of third party providers.

At the discretion of RWS, there may be occasions where certain Service Provider(s) used may be charged a Marketing Contribution Fee.  This is a contribution towards RWS office and marketing costs. This fee is payable by the third party supplier.

Dispute Resolution

If a dispute arises between the parties in connection with this Agreement, the parties undertake in good faith to use all reasonable endeavors to settle the dispute. If the dispute is unable to be settled, the parties agree to refer the matter to mediation.


The content of our website is intended only to provide a general overview. It is not intended to be comprehensive nor does it constitute legal advice. RWS attempts to ensure that the content is current however we do not guarantee its currency. You should seek legal/professional advice before acting or relying on any of the content.

RWS are not lawyers. From time to time our clients request documents such as a Memorandum of Understanding to be created or leases to be reviewed. RWS always advise our clients that your legal representative should also review such documentation.