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“Virtual Practice Management & Medical Marketing for Doctors in Hobart”

In Hobart, RWS (Rooms with Style) provides a wide range of services specifically for doctors in private practice. Services we offer are designed specifically to make your private practice more profitable, compliant and efficient. RWS have been helping doctors in Hobart for over a decade as the trusted and experienced industry professionals.

As a proud presenter and sponsor of The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Preparation for Practice Program – RWS have bring our wealth of practice experience to doctors in Hobart and across Australia.

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The benefits for our doctors in Hobart:

Turn Key Solutions – RWS Do It For You
For practices across Australia, including Hobart, RWS build a system so your practice runs on autopilot – without you having to do the hard work. With a clear, strategic plan in place, you are in control, and you’ll always know what’s going on. There’s no need to design and manage systems from scratch, so you can relax. We can even take care of your staff and all compliance documentation for you.
Experienced – RWS Are Exclusively For Doctors
Why re-invent the wheel? Your private practice can benefit directly from our years of experience in the industry. For over 12 years, RWS have helped doctors in Hobart set up and successfully develop their practices. We understand what it takes for a practice to thrive and will provide invaluable insight into the likely pitfalls and hurdles you need to avoid. You can rest assured that your practice is set up within regulatory requirements, and fully compliant.

Cost effective – Our Virtual Systems Save You Dollars

Whether your practice is in Hobart, or anywhere else Australia wide, you can take advantage of the entire RWS team. You have immediate access to an experienced, professional team through Virtual Practice Management (VPM) service, all at significantly less than staff wages.
Flexibility – As Your Practice Needs Change
As your private practice needs evolve, RWS evolves with you and adapts to meet your fluctuating needs. You can select a service package to suit your current priorities, giving you the flexibility and control to switch easily between service areas, as your demands change.
Australia wide service– we can assist no matter where you are
RWS provide services to doctors in Hobart and throughout Australia, including all metropolitan and rural areas.

Some of our clients:

NAB Health Magazine Content Providers
Australian Business Award Winner
Annual presenter at Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

Client Testimonials:


From conception to completion, RWS creates, designs your practice space. There’s no need to worry about building compliance and council permits for your Hobart practice. RWS do the hard work for you.

Our vast experience allows you to walk in and start consulting straight away. We can help you achieve efficient, high functioning rooms from Day One.

We also have medical equipment and design products covered at competitive prices. We can recommend options according to your needs and budget, and bring products to your door to save you having to shop around.

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We manage existing staff for doctors in Hobart, recruit new staff and ensure that all documents and procedures for compliance are in order. You can rest assured that your practice is set up fully compliant and within regulatory requirements.

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Sydney Staff
Sydney Medical Marketing


We provide effective referrer marketing for our Hobart doctors and online strategies to make your business not only profitable, but thrive. We formulate customized strategies based on key performance indicators for practice success.

You don’t have to do the hard work, as RWS’s marketing machine rolls out a consistent, professional campaign to keep relationships with your referral base strong.

RWS has you covered with strategies to maintain a steady, ongoing relationship with referrers.

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We provide turn key practice solutions for your Hobart practice. A system that allows your Hobart practice to run on autopilot, without you having to do the hard work. Feel in control with a clear, strategic plan. Our Virtual Solutions save you dollars also. We have systems to put in place to give you peace of mind, and ensures you remain in control. You relax knowing you will not have to design and manage systems from scratch. We even develop an Operations Manual for your business, so your IP doesn’t leave if your staff do.

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Sydney Practice

Our Services Include:

  • Medical Fitouts
    RWS provides everything you need to achieve fantastic rooms – Rooms that suit you and your patient demographic. We cater for all size renovations and budgets. Typically we are engaged to refurbish a house, or to set up doctors within new commercial buildings. Some established practices will call on us to relocate them to new rooms or perhaps provide a fresh look to existing rooms. Whatever your need is, we can help.
    The following services are provided under the banner of Medical fitouts:
    Project Management – We cater for large and small renovations, new commercial sites, refurbishment of existing houses.
    Plans – Plans and designs ready for council/surveyor submission.
    Permits – Building, planning and signage permits applied for.
    Interior Design – Concept drawing and design, functional and efficient patient flow, all colours/products/fabrics, everything right through to your waiting room chairs!
    Medical Equipment – All medical and specialty equipment for your rooms.
    Design Products – All design products for your rooms – including waiting room chairs, office furniture, art, accessories, blinds, lighting and signage. All at prices less than recommended retail.
    Working Drawings – Concept drawing and design to ensure compliance and create functional, practical spaces.
  • Medical Marketing
    Marketing is one of the most sought after services of RWS. It is imperative that doctors have a solid marketing base so that they can be easily found and recognised as professional and approachable by patients and referrers alike. RWS provides a full range of marketing services to enable you to be promoted appropriately and ethically.
    Referrer Marketing – We contact your referrers, set up meetings/lunches, send out literature, build and maintain your referral base.
    Graphic Design – Your practice branding, brochures, profiles, signage design and stationery.
    Events – Information nights, launches, festive functions and opening parties.
    Websites – To suit all budgets, includes domain and hosting.
    E Marketing – Online practice newsletters and social media.
    Video Productions – Professional videos uploaded to your website of your practice and services.
    Photography – High quality, professional images of your practice and your team.
  • Virtual Practice Management
    Virtual Practice Management provides a host of essential services for your practice. Our Virtual Practice Management service entitles you to the following services:
    Processes and Procedures – We set in place efficient systems, then educate and train your staff. Do not pay for a full time practice manager when you do not need one. RWS’s virtual system is a better and more cost effective way to run your business.
    Operations Manual – A tailored manual for your business so if your staff leave, your practice remains protected.
    Risk Management – Practice health checks, minimising risk, being compliant.
    Practice Financials – Minimising fraud, efficient billing processes, practice performance indicators better reporting and improved financial control for your business.
    Bookkeeping – our accountancy work ensures you know the numbers of your business. We provide a full book keeping service so you are in control of how your practice is running. We liaise with your taxation accountants too ensure smooth, efficient processes.
    Marketing – RWS provides a full range of marketing services to enable you to be promoted appropriately and ethically.
    Human Resources – We can help manage your staff with contracts, training and documentation.
    Recruitment – We complete the full recruitment process on your behalf.
  • Human Resources
    Contracts and Compliance – We provide you with employment contracts relevant to the roles and awards of your staff. Contracts are personalised and ensure that other matters, uniquely relevant to your practice, are reflected in the employment contracts.
    Position Descriptions and Key Performance Indicators – We provide your staff with detailed position descriptions relevant to their role and award. We provide role descriptions for receptionists, medical typists, medical secretaries, practice managers, book keepers and practice nurses.
    Induction of new staff – We ensure your new staff members hit the ground running with a full induction.
    Policies and Procedures – We provide for your practice, all policies and procedures relevant to Human Resource management.
    Staff Management – We manage, motivate and direct your staff so you don’t have to. Co-ordinating and delivering staff meetings and training sessions.
    Staff Training – We provide professional development and training. We ensure your staff are appropriately trained in all human resources related topics.
    Performance Management and Termination – When staff performance is not to standard, RWS provides performance management. This ensures you are compliant and fair in the handling of such issues.
    Payroll and Entitlements – We manage all of your human resource requirements so that you are legally compliant.
  • Recruitment
    Our recruitment service ensures you achieve a fantastic practice team. We complete the full recruitment process for you. We know who you need. We only recruit for medical professionals and have a database of active candidates. We ensure that you meet all Industrial Relations obligations by offering a complete suite of human resource management to complement our recruitment services.
  • Sale/Lease
    We can assist you to lease or sell your rooms and provide a host of other related services.
    Additional services include:

    • distribution of your property’s information to our database
    • creation of mail outs
    • relevant advertising
    • signage
    • site photography.
  • Virtual Reception
    Virtual Reception takes the stress out of starting private practice. Benefit from a professional, experienced service without the high cost of wages!

RWS is a proud presenter and sponsor of The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Preparation for Practice Program – bringing our wealth of practice experience to doctors in Sydney and across Australia.

Medical services in Hobart
Hobart has a total number of five hospitals, only one of which is Public. This is the Royal Hobart Hospital and is the Hobart’s largest and only Public hospital with between 200 and 500 beds servicing the residents of Hobart. With its own Emergency Department, it also has a full range of specialist care units. These include acute and maintenance renal dialysis, bone marrow transplantation, intensive care, neonatal intensive care, neurosurgical, and infectious disease. The Calvary Health Tasmania – is a specialist private hospital with 50 – 100 beds with a geriatric assessment unit. The Hobart Private Hospital is a midsized private hospital with 100 – 200 beds, and its own Emergency Department. It provides coronary, obstetrics, and paediatric care. St Helens Private Hospital is a small specialist psychiatric hospital in Hobart with fewer than 50 beds. Another small private psychiatric hospital in Hobart is the Hobart Clinic in Rokeby, TAS.